Auricular Acupuncture with and Without Needles

Auricular Treatment

The external ear of man is uniquely complex in its shape and structure and varies  from one person to another. From a conventional medical consideration, this unique shape seems to have no particular function. Beyond the purpose of gathering sound waves for the sense of hearing, there appears to be no medical explanation for the presence of the variable ridges and valleys present in our external ears. The human ear lacks  the special qualities seen in other mammalian species: (ie.  the external ear of man does not readily move toward sounds, nor does it provide temperature control as seen in certain animals of the Artic and Equatorial regions of the earth). The unique shape and structure of the ear does have significant meaning, however, within the context of the Auricular Therapy somatotopic relationships that have been discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier.


Auricular therapy with micro electrical current:

Dr. Paul Nogier developed an auricular acupuncture system. Auricular (ear) acupuncture deals with the whole body in a micro system of the ear.

While taking one’s radial pulse, one can determine if something is impinging on one’s electromagnetic field to cause dis- ease. The electromagnetic field that surrounds the body is approximately 1 cm. from our ear. If something impinges on one’s electromagnetic field, this would be reflected in one’s pulse, and extend their field to more than 1 cm.

By applying filters  to the patient’s arm and neck that  could impinge on the electromagnetic field, one is able to determine what affects an individual’s electromagnetic field, and is able to balance that electromagnetic field. (EMF).

Filters are plastic containers that contain several substances (organ tissues, amalgam, etc.) that may impinge energetically on one’s electromagnetic field.

If it is determined that something in the filter is energetically impinging on the EMF, one can treat the ear with micro electro currents with the use of a small hand held device: the NET 2000/3000.

With a micro  electrical current, one does not need  to use needles.  NO NEEDLES!! The micro electrical current will send messages to the brain. These micro electrical currents will balance the energy  deficiencies in the body and brain.

Therefore, one can balance energy of the  whole body without needles with micro electrical currents to the ear. ( Although this treatment employs the use of micro electrical current,  one can add needles after the treatment with the micro electrical current. Needles to the ear are especially helpful in breaking addictions (smoking, alcohol)).

Children do well with micro current treatment, as no needles are used. Adults do well with this treatment as well, as this may aid in the balancing of a patient before needles are placed.

After one diagnoses what is impinging on one’s EMF, homeopathic preparations can be used for treatment. Herbal , homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and, if necessary, medication can aid in treatment as well. The treatment protocols would be based on the information obtained in the evaluation.

Auricular therapy can be used to decrease addictions, balance neurotransmitters, and help with depression, anxiety, as well as  aid in  the balance  of energetic imbalances in any organ system. Auricular therapy has been successfully used  as an adjunct in the treatment of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) as well

If this treatment seems to resonate with your energy, call to schedule an appointment for micro electrical balancing with the micro electrical unit NET 2000/3000 today!