Feeling Down ?

Low dopamine levels in the body can contribute to feelings of depression, low energy and a desire to augment dopamine through risk taking behaviors.
A new neuroadadptive technology can help you balance your emotions. It can also help you break free from addictions, deal with stress in a more positive way and reduce the cravings associated with stress.
The new product is called Synaptamine. Synaptamine is a SAFE licensed formula delivered through Nano sizing technology. This technology allows the body to absorb the nutrients in this product with immediacy and power!
Dopamine is an anti-stress and reward neurotransmitter. Deficits in Dopamine can lead to “excessive reward seeking behaviors” such as OVERINDULGING in FOOD. ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SEX , GAMBLING etc.
Sufficient dopamine causes a feeling of satisfaction, contentment and increased focus .
If you are feeling low, having focus issues, or having trouble managing an addiction ( whether it is food , spending , facebook , texting , alcohol, caffeine etc . etc etc ) , give synaptamine a try!
The only contraindications : schizophrenia and PKU
More information can be obtained by reaching the website : www.lavitards.com .

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