Neurotransmitter Testing

Symptoms such as low mood, anxiousnes and trouble focusing may be a sign of an imbalance in your neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that the brain uses to allow us to function ( breathing, moving etc ) These chemical messengers also affect our energy levels , mood , metabolism, sleep and focus!

Excessive stress , toxins , poor diet, genetics, alcohol, inflammation and caffeine can all affect our neurotransmitter balance .

An imbalance in our Serotonin and GABA neurotransmitters can lead to anxiety and/or depression. An imbalance in Histamine and Serotonin can lead to headaches. Weight problems may be cause by an imabalance in Serotonin and epinephrine. Intestinal complaints, fatigue, poor cognitive function and cravings can all be caused by imbalances in our neurotransmitters.

Our excitatory neurotransmitters need to be balanced wih our compensatory neurotransmitters in order for us to “feel healthy.”

Call our office if you feel that you need to have your neurotransmitters checked with a simple urinary sample.