Applied Genetics

With the completion of the human genome project, we have the ability to identify individual genes that make up an individual.. And, as such, we are now able to identify if certain genes are contributory to certain diseases and disease processes.

Some of the genetic testing that our healing spa offers includes:

  1. Genetic single nucleopeptide polymorphisms; these tests determine how women (and men!) metabolize estrogens. If one is not able to metabolize their estrogens properly, that individual would be at risk for breast or prostate cancer
  2. Along with estrogen metabolism, we are able to determine how one is able to detoxify through methylation pathways. If an individual’s methylation pathway is inadequate, the incidence of depression, cancer and many oxidative stress disease risks are increased.
  3. If a person is at risk for blood clots, we can determine this through a genetic test.
  4. Coronary vascular disease, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, addiction and many other diseases can be tracked to an association with genetics. And, we are now able to test for the risk of these diseases.

Remember, however, that just because someone carries a gene does not mean they have to express this gene!!! That is why it is so important to test, and once a risk is identified, one is able to protect against the disease in many instances. This protection can be obtained through dietary changes, supplements, detoxification, stress reduction, exercise and many other applications, which we are able to instruct and support you with!

Many genetic tests are being discovered daily! And, we update as they update! We are able to provide you with test kits, or draw blood, take a saliva or urine sample etc., depending on what is necessary for the individual need.

Using genetic testing is a tool that can be successfully used in the healing process.