Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Dating back to Biblical times, essential oils were used for healing. One hundred percent therapeutic essential grade oils are able to heal various diseases!

Most people associate oils with their aromatic functions. As they smell so good, it is pleasant for them! But, what they don’t realize is that 100% therapeutic grade essential oils can do more than stimulate the olfactory system!

Besides the aromatic components, single oils can be a complex mixture of many different chemical constituents which have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-cancerous properties!

Because of these properties, essential oils can be used not only aromatically (by diffusion) but also topically (applied directly on the body), and even internally in many instances to help support the body’s natural health mechanisms in many different ways!

You can request aromatherapy when you have acupuncture treatments. Or, you can request the doctor to perform the raindrop technique, which is a technique that massages oils into the vitaflex spinal points on the soles of the feet, and then on the spine to allow treatment of virus, bacteria, etc. By allowing the oils to penetrate the skin to communicate with receptors, one may even change DNA back to the original way the receptors were meant to perform.

Pure essential oils are extracted from all or part of an aromatic plant through steam distillation. Our center only uses naturally-derived essential oils for therapeutic use.
We can advise on which oils should be used for a particular problem, and/or can treat you with 100% therapeutic essential oils.